KSEEB Solutions for Class 9 Political Science Chapter 5 Indian Election System

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 9 Political Science Chapter 5 Indian Election System

Class 9 Social Science Indian Election System Textual Questions and Answers

I. Fill up the blanks:

Question 1.
The Electoral roll is revised _____year.

Question 2.
The Public Election Campaign comes to end before______hours to election day.

Question 3.
The recognition to political parties is accorded by _____
representatives, government and public

Question 4.
The Independence of Journalism is protected by______
press council of India.

II. Answer the following questions briefly:

Question 1.
Write a note on ‘Electoral Roll’.
The voters list is the list which contains thenames and certain other details of the voters. It isalso called The Electoral Roll. The Electoral Roll is prepared by the Election Commission much before the elections. Electoral Roll is revised every year. At the time of revision the names of those who have attained the age of 18 are included and the names of the dead are deleted. The Electoral Roll helps the polling officials to identify the voters.

Question 2.
Prove that “Political Parties are the link between elected representatives and people”.
Political parties play a major role in formulating policies for social and economic progress. Political parties help their members to develop leadership ‘ qualities. Both the Ruling Party and the opposition consist of members elected by the people.

Hence, they represent the people who have elected them. Those who contest elections are chosen by different political parties. Thus, Political parties act as the link between elected representatives and the public.

Question 3.
Write a note on Coalition Governments.
It is a governing body formed by multiple parties who must compromise on principles. It is formed when no political party gets the required majority in the election to form the government. It is called ‘Hung Parliament’ or ‘Hung Assembly’.

The political parties who make a pre-poll or post-poll alliance to form government share powers by becoming members of the Council of Ministers. Some times certain political parties provide outside support to the government without joining the Council of Ministers.

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