KSEEB Solutions for Class 9 Geography Chapter 8 Industries of Karnataka

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 9 Geography Chapter 8 Industries of Karnataka

Class 9 Social Science Industries of Karnataka Textual Questions and Answers

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Question 1.
The first Iron and Steel Industry of Karnataka was established at __________

Question 2.
The Manchester of Karnataka is ___________

Question 3.
The by-products of sugar are ____________
Bagasse and Molasses

Question 4.
Ammasandra has ___________ industry

Question 5.
Silicon Valley is the name of the _________ city.

II. Discuss in groups and answer the following :

Question 1.
Write a note on the industrial development in Karnataka.
Karnataka is famous for a variety of industries. Due to the availability of mineral resources, raw materials, ideal climate, sufficient water, good transport facility, skilled labourers, vast market, modern technology, Karnataka attained the development.

Sir M. Visveswaraiah’s contribution to the development of industries to Karnataka is remarkable. He laid the foundation for many industries in the State. Due to his effort many industries like Rice mills, tile factories, iron and brass foundries, were established.

After 1923, many modern manufacturing units like iron and steel, soap factories, cotton and silk mills, paper, cement, paint, sugar, sandal oil industries were started.

After independence the industrial policy of the Central Government enables the industrial development in the State, as a result, many more factories were established in the State, for example, manufacture of aeroplanes, engineering, machine tools, watches, iron and steel, aluminium, information technology industry, etc.

Question 2.
Explain the iron and steel industry of Karnataka.
Karnataka occupies the pride place by being the first state in South India to establish an Iron and Steel factory. Sir M. Visveswaraiah’s foresight enabled to set up an Iron and Steel industry at Bhadravati in Shivamogga district in 1923. Today this industry is known as “Visveswaraiah Iron and Steel Industry”. The factors which are necessary for the establishment are the supply of iron ore, water supply, a supply of electricity, a suitable market, good transport, etc. Iron and steel industry has all these facilities. Another iron and steel factory known as Jindal Vijayanagar Iron and Steel factory was established in 2001 at Toranagal in Ballari district.

Question 3.
Give an account of the distribution of cotton textile industry in Karnataka.
The cotton textile industry is an agro-based industry. The first M.S.K. Cotton mill was established was set up at Kalaburagi in Karnataka. Later Cotton textile factories were started at Hubballi. Binny mills and Minerva mills were started in Bengaluru. Recently some of the mills were closed, for example, Hubballi mill. At present Ilkal, Guledgudda, Rabakavi, Gadag- Betgeri, Badami, Bagalkot, Belagavi, Naragund have ginning and spinning mills.

Davanagere is the most important cotton textile industry centre. Davanagere is called as the “Manchester of Karnataka”. Cotton textile industries are established in those areas where all the necessary facilities are available for the establishment.

Question 4.
What factors are essential to start the sugar industry?
The essential factors to start the sugar industry are a humid climatic condition, power supply, local market, transport facilities, a supply of raw materials, financial assistance, etc.

Question 5.
Mention the reasons for centralisation of the information technology industry in Bengaluru.
The reasons for centralization information and technology industry in Bengaluru are Good climatic conditions in Bengaluru, electricity supply, availability of technical experts, financial assistance facilities, suitable vast market, and infrastructure, etc.

Question 6.
Name the Industrial Regions of Karnataka.
Answer :

  1. Bengaluru – Kolar – Tumakuru Industrial region.
  2. Bengali – Dharwar region.
  3. Dakshina Kannada and Udupi region,
  4. Bellary – Raichuru – Koppal region.
  5. Mysore – Mandya Region.

III. Match the following :

                                        A                                            B
1. Dandelia. Cement
2. Torangalb. Cotton Textiles
3. Molakalmuruc. Paper
4. Shahabadd. Computers
5. Infosyse. Iron and Steel

1. – (c)
2. – (e)
3. – (b)
4. – (a)
5. – (d)

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