KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 History Chapter 9 South India — Shatavahanas, Kadambas & Gangas

In this chapter, we provide KSEEB SSLC Class 8History Chapter 9 South India — Shatavahanas, Kadambas & Gangas for every student in their exams. Students can download the latest KSEEB SSLC Class 8History Chapter 9 South India — Shatavahanas, Kadambas & Gangas pdf, free KSEEB SSLC Class 8 History Chapter 9 South India — Shatavahanas, Kadambas & Gangas pdf download. Now you will get step by step solution to each question.

Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 History Chapter 9 South India — Shatavahanas, Kadambas & Gangas

Class 8 Social Science South India — Shatavahanas, Kadambas & Gangas Textual Questions and Answers

I. Complete The Following Sentences.

Question 1.
Simukha made ……………………. his capital.

Question 2.
The literary work written by Hala is …………..
Gathiasapta shati

Question 3.
The first inscription in kannada is ……………

Question 4.
Banavasi the capital of the Kadambas, is in today’s ……………………. district.
North Canara

Question 5.
The prominent king among the gangas was ……………

Question 6.
The literary work of Chavundaraya is ……………..
Chavunda purana.

II. Answer The Following Questions

Question 1.
Who was the last king of the shatavahanas? How did their dynasty become weak?
Yajnashri Shatakarni was the last king of the Shatavahana dynasty. The invasion of Shakas was common in Shatavaha 1 dynasty. But it was made severely during the period of Yajnashri Shatakarni. So the empire had lost its power.

Question 2.
Write about the art of Shatavahanas.
‘The Shatavahanas built viharas, chaityas, stupas, temples, and palaces. Karle, Maski, Kanheri, Amaravathi, Ajantha, and in many other places they constructed many temples. The Ajanta and the Amaravathi paintings were created during their period.

In addition to kings, rich people also constructed chaityas. A chaitryagraha was built in Karle by the Banavasi merchant Bhootapala. The sculptures of Amaravathi are of high artistic value, hence they are preserved in various museums.

Question 3.
What were the values which influenced the Ganga society?
The Ganga dynasty of Karnataka has been developed on some moral values. The people of the society were known for social values like honesty, loyalty and bravery, and patience. The people were loyal to the king and his officers. They were known for their patriotism.

They were ready to sacrifice their lives for their king and kingdom. They expressed patience and tolerance during times of difficulty. Even the kings of his dynasty were known for their love and affection for their subjects. They ruled some parts of Karnataka for about six centuries.

Question 4.
Name four literary works of the period of the Gangas.
The kings were lovers of literature and due to their encouragement to Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Kannada languages.
Mahdhva II wrote a commentary on Dattaka sutra. Durvinita wrote the Sanskrit work Shabdavatara and he translated Gunadyas ‘Vaddakathe’ into Sanskrit Shree Purusha wrote Gajashastra.

Shivamadhava wrote Gajashtaka. Poet Hemasena wrote Raghava Pandaviya. Vabisimha wrote ‘Gadha Chintamani’ and ‘Shatra Chudamani’. Nemi Chandra wrote ‘Dravyssara Sangraha and Chavundaraya wrote‘Chavunda Purana’.

Class 8 Social Science South India — Shatavahanas, Kadambas & Gangas Additional Questions and Answers

I. Fill In The Blanks.

Question 1.
The founder of the Gupta dynasty was …………

Question 2.
V.A Smith calls the period of Guptas as the ………………… in India history.
Golden period’

Question 3.
The Gupta era started in ……………
319-20 C.E

Question 4.
Allahabad prashati written by …………..

Question 5.
‘Meghadoota’ written by ………………

Question 6.
The name of military general vardhanas was ………..

Question 7.
One of the cradles of temple architecture is …………….

Question 8.
The first king of Pallavas was ………..

Question 9.
Hiuen Tsang visited the court of ………………

Question 10.
Buddhism was flourishing in the ………….. kingdom.

Question 11.
The statue of Gommateshwara was installed by …………….

Question 12.
The mahamastakabhisheka of Gommateshwara which taken place once in every ……….
12 years.

II. Match The Following :

1. Allahabad inscriptiona. Astronomy
2. Kumara Sambhavab. Panchasiddhantika
3. Aryabhatac. Mayura Varma
4. Varahamihirad. Tax official
5. Bhogapatif. Samudra Gupta
6. Mahabalipuramg. Nalanda University
7. Chandravalli inscriptionh. Kalidasa


  1. f
  2. h
  3. a
  4. b
  5. g
  6. d
  7. e

III. Answer The Following

Question 1.
Which sources are useful to know about guptas.

  1. Pillar of inscription Allahabad
  2. Pillar insciption of Meharuli
  3. Kalidasa’s poetics.
  4. Writings and Fahiyan and Itsing etc.

Question 2.
Write the achievements of Chandragupta II.

  1. He expanded the kingdom and brought stability.
  2. He defeated the Sakas.
  3. He developed a relationship with many Indian royal families.
  4. Famous poet Kalidasa was lived in his court and he”wrote famous poetics.

Question 3.
Mention the scientists of the Gupta period.

  1. Dhanwantri
  2. Charaka
  3. Sushruta
  4. Aryabhata
  5. Varahamihira

Question 4.
Who was the famous king of vardhanas? Write his achievement.
Harshavardhana was a famous king of vardhanas.

  1. Harsha captured Kassau’s and attacked the king of Bengal.
  2. Bengal and Magadha came under his rule.
  3. He gave importance to education and administration.

Question 5.
Which were the contributions of Pallavas?

  1. They introduced systematic administration. It was the heroic age of the south.
  2. They divided the kingdom as a mandala, Nadu, and grama.
  3. Kanchi was the centre of Sanskrit literature. Bharavi and Dandi were the poets
  4. There were people of different occupations like farmers, merchants, weavers, medicine man etc.
  5. Commercial and trade organisations
  6. Nasik, Kalyan, Broach, and Bhattkal were trade central.

Question 6.
What were the contributions of gangas to art and architecture?

  1. They built beautiful temples and Basadis.
  2. The kapileshwara temple at mantle, kolaramma temple at kolara nagareshwara temple at begur and the statue of gommateshwara at shravana belagola are examples to the architecture of gangas.
  3. Pathaleshwara temple in Talakadu.
  4. Tall pillars called Mahastambhas and Brahmamanast

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