KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 History Chapter 8 The Guptas and Vardhanas

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 History Chapter 8 The Guptas and Vardhanas

Class 8 Social Science The Guptas and Vardhanas Textual Questions and Answers

I. Multiple Choice Question:

The Guptas And Vardhanas Question 1.
Chandragupta 1 got the title
(a) Maharaja
(b) Powerful King
(c) Adhiraja
(d) Maharaja diraja
(d) Maharaja diraja

The Guptas And Vardhanas Notes Question 2.
The king who had great passion for music was
(a) Kumaragupta
(b) Srigupta
(c) Samudragupta
(d) Chandragupta
(c) Samudragupta

Guptas And Vardhanas Question 3.
Chandragupta II earned the title
(a) Maharajadiraja
(b) Vikramaditya
(c) Maharaja
(d) Great king
(b) Vikramaditya

The Guptas And Vardhanas Question Answer Question 4.
Who wrote Shankuntala?
(a) Visakadatta
(b) Charaka
(c) Shushruta
(d) Kalidasa
(d) Kalidasa

The Guptas And Vardhanas 8th Class Notes Question 5.
Who was the famous astronomer of Gupta dynasty?
(a) Varahamihira
(b) Kalidasa
(c) Vishakadatta
(d) Shusshruta
(a) Varahamihira

II. Fill In The Blanks:

The Guptas And Vardhanas 8th Class Question 1.
The Gupta era began in ………………..
320. A.D.

The Guptas And Vardhanas Notes 8th Standard Question 2.
The Gupta probably came over from …………

The Guptas And Vardhanas 8th Standard Question 3.
……………….. was the greatest ruler of gupta. dynasty.

The Guptas Began Their Reign From The Place Question 4.
Harsha gave importance to ………….

8 Standard Social Science Textbook Question 5.
The gupta began their reign from the place …………….

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Science Question 6.
Chandragupta I was called …………

KSEEB Social Science Solutions Class 8 Question 7.
One of the great drama of Kalidasa is ……………..

Class 8 History Chapter Number 8 Question 8.
The literary work written by Sudraka is ………………

Class 8 History Chapter 8 Question 9.
Visakadatta’s literary work is ………..

Social Notes Class 8 Question 10.
The founder of vardhana dynasty was …………..

III. Match The Following :

1. Chandragupta Ia. Astnanomer
2. Chandragupta IIb. Golden age
3. Skandaguptac. Lichavis
4. Gupta periodd. Hunas
5. Aryabhatae. Vikramaditya

IV. Answer The Following Questions:

Social Science Textbook Class 8 State Syllabus Question 1.
Write about Chandragupta II.
Chandragupta II expanded his kingdom through various means. He defeated the Sakas and made western India a part of the Gupta empire. Through marriages, he extended his relationships with most of the kings.

He earned the title of Vikramaditya. His reign is memorable more for the encouragement given to literature, and art, rather than for its battle. Many writers of Sanskrit and other languages adored the court of Chandragupta II.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Science Question 2.
What were the reasons for the downfall of the Gupta Empire?
The following are the causes of the downfall of the Gupta empire.

  • The Gupta empire was continuously attacked by Huns.
  • They did not have a fully equipped large army.
  • During the period of Gupta, the administration was decentralized, this made the central government weak.
  • Trade and commerce also affected during this period. So cities lost their prominence.

Karnataka State Syllabus For Class 8 Social Science Question 3.
Name the great scientists of the Gupta Age.
The great scientists of the Gupta age were:

  • Dhanwantri: He was a great Ayurvedic doctor. He is called as the father of Indian Medicine. His contribution to the medical field is considered as the Ayurvedic dictionary.
  • Charaka: He was a medical scientist. He wrote a book on medicine, the Charaka Samhita.
  • Sushruta: He was a great surgeon of Gupta age. He had contributed a lot to the field of surgery.
  • Aryabhata: Astronomer and a great mathematician. He wrote the Aryabhatteeyum.
  • Varaha Mihira: Great astronomer, his book on astronomy is panchasiddhantika, which is considered as the Bible of Astronomy. His works, Bruhat Samhita, Bruhat Jataka, and Laghu Jataka were also contributed a lot.

Class 8 Social Science Notes Pdf State Syllabus Question 4.
How was the administration during the Vardhana rule?
Vardhana kings were assisted by the council of ministers. The bureaucracy consisted of the Mahasandhivigraha, Mahabaladhikruta, Bhog’apati, and Doota. The kingdom had been divided into provinces. Land tax was the major source of income for the kingdom. The subordinate kings contributed tributes to the emperor. Harsha gave patronage to literature, music, art, and architecture, etc.

Class 8 Social Science The Guptas and Vardhanas Additional Questions and Answers

I. Answer The Following Briefly :

Question 1.
Name the great poems of Kalidasa.
Meghadoota, Raghuvamsha, Kumarasambhava and Ritu Samhara are the great pomes of Kalidasa.

Question 2.
Name the noteworthy drama of Kalidasa.
Abhijnana Shakuntala is one of the noteworthy dramas of Kalidasa.

Question 3.
Who were the great scientists of the Gupta period?
Varahamihira, Bhaskara, Aryabhata. Charaka and Sushruta were the greatest scientists of this period.

Question 4.
Who was Fa – Hien?
Fa – Hien was a Chinese traveller who visited India during Vardhanas.

Question 5.
Who was Aryabhata?
Aryabhata was the most notable mathematician and astronomer of the Gupta age.

Question 6.
Who was Hiuen Tsang?
Hiuen Tsang was a Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the rule of Vardhanas.

II. Choose The Correct Option:

Question 1.
Meghadoota this poetic was created by
(a) Kalidasa
(b) Vishakadhatta
(c) Vikramaditya
(d) Charaka
(a) Kalidasa

Question 2.
Which is considered as the bible of astomonomy.
(a) Ayurveda
(b) Bruhat samhita
(c) Panchasiddhantika
(d) Bruhat jataka.
(c) Panchasiddhantika

Question 3.
Monolithic temples mahabalispurani built by …………….
(a) Mahendra varma
(b) Narasimhavarma
(c) Shivahandavarma
(d) Adithya varma
(b). Narasimhavarma

Questions 4.
Chaityalaya at karle built by …………..
(a) Dadiga
(b) Poojyapala
(c) Vajrahandi
(d) Bhootapala
(d) Bhootapala

Question 5.
Gathasaptasaki is written by …………..
(a) pola
(b) Simuka
(c) Hala
(d) Shatakami
(c) Hala

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