KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Chapter 9 Europe – Peninsula of Asia

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 6 Social Science Geography Chapter 9 Europe – Peninsula of Asia

Class 6 Social Science Europe – Peninsula of Asia Textbook Questions and Answers

Question 1.
What is the geographical location of Europe?
Europe lies between 10° west and 60° East Longitude and from 36° North to 72° North Latitude.

Question 2.
‘Europe is known as a Peninsula of Asia’. Why?
Europe is a peninsula of Asia. Water bodies surround Europe on three sides: to the North is the Barents Sea, to the west is the Atlantic Ocean and to the south is the Mediterranean Sea.

Question 3.
Name the physiographic divisions of Europe.
The physiographic divisions of Europe based on Topography are :

  1. The North western Highlands
  2. The North European plains
  3. The Central uplands
  4. The southern Mountains.

Question 4.
Mention the names of important mountains and peaks in Europe.

  1. Goldho Piggen (2469 m) in Norway is the highest peak in Northern Europe. The Ben Nevis (1343 m) in Scotland and Snowdon (1085 m) in Wales are the other peaks.
  2. They are also known as the ‘Alpine Mountain System’. It includes several mountains – the Sierra Morena in Spain as well as the Pyrenees which form the boundary between France and Spain.
  3. Mount Blanc is the highest peak (4807 m) in the Alps.

Question 5.
What are the major climatic regions of Europe?
Europe can be divided into four climatic regions :

  1. Maritime Northwest Europe
  2. Continental climate
  3. Mediterranean climate
  4. Mountainous climate

Question 6.
Mention the major types of natural vegetation of Europe.
Europe has six types of vegetation :

  1. Tundra Vegetation
  2. Taiga Forests
  3. Mixed Forests
  4. Mediterranean vegetation
  5. Grasslands
  6. Alpine vegetation

Question 7.
Name the countries which are famous for dairying in Europe.
Dairying is greatly developed in Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Britain. But Denmark is more important for dairying. The European countries export their dairy products, e.g., cheese, condensed milk, butter, chocolate, etc.

Question 8.
What are the staple of food crops of Europe?
Wheat, Maize. Sugar beet, potatoes, Fruits.

Question 9.
Mention the major fishing grounds in Europe.
The main fishing grounds are near North-West Europe. They extend from northern part of Arctic circle to Mediteranian sea. The most intensively fishing region is the North Sea and the countries include Norway, Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. The two most famous fishing grounds of the North sea are the Dogger Bank and the Great Fisher Bank.

Question 10.
Mention the important minerals in Europe.
Copper, Iron ore, Coal, Bauxite and Potash.

Class 6 Social Science Europe – Peninsula of Asia Additional Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Which is the highest point of Europe?
The highest point of Europe is Mt. Elbrus (5633 mt) in the Caucasus Mountain.

Question 2.
Why is Europe referred to as ‘Peninsula of Peninsulas’.
Europe has numerous peninsulas, such as the Scandinavian, the Iberian, the Jutland, the Balkan Peninsula, etc. Thus, very often Europe is known as the ‘Peninsula of Peninsulas’.

Question 3.
Which are the largest islands of European continent?
Britain and Ireland.

Question 4.
Which areas of Europe have continental climate?
Continental Climate mainly prevails in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Question 5.
Why does Europe lack in Natural Vegetation?
Europe has been occupied by man for a long time and is very densely populated. Hence, the natural vegetation has been almost entirely removed, except in the higher and more unfavorable areas.

Question 6.
Which country in Europe is a leader in ship-building.

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