KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Prose Chapter 1 The Lighthouse

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Karnataka State Board Class 6 English Prose Chapter 1 The Lighthouse

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The Lighthouse Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Preparatory Activity:

The Lighthouse Question Answer Question 1 (a).
Discuss in pairs: What are some of the useful inventions made by scientists? How useful are these inventions?
Some useful inventions made by scientists are :

  • Laser: (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is now part of everyday life. They are essential components of CD and DVD players and the scanners used at the supermarket check out stalls.
  • Rubella Vaccine: (German Measles) The rubella virus causes Mild illness and swelling of the lymph nodes and rashes in babies. The Rubella vaccine was invented by Meyer and Parkman in 1965, to prevent Rubella deaths.
  • Personal Computer: Was invented in 1973. It created a groundbreaking transformation in the lives of the people of the world.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 6 English Question 1 (b).
What would our life be like without inventions? Discuss how our life will be if we do not have the following (you can speak in your mother tongue):

  • the electric light – have to study in the dark.
  • the telephone – have to go personally to talk to someone.
  • the computer – have to do everything manually.
  • the bicycle – have to walk all the way to school.
  • the television – have no entertainment.
  • the medicines – have to suffer diseases and die.
  • the plastic material – have to use natural material like cotton
  • the X-ray – have to suffer from fatal diseases without a diagnosis.

6th Class English 1st Lesson Questions And Answers Question 2.
Make a list of all the words that come to your mind when you hear the word ‘lighthouse’. Read out the list to the class. Find out who has written the maximum number of words.
The ship, Rocky Beach, Shipwreck, etc.

I. Let’s understand:

C1. Discuss in pairs and answer the following questions :

6th Standard English The Lighthouse Question Answer Question 1.
Why was Rajiv thrilled?
Rajiv was thrilled because his father promised him to take him out on a visit to the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Lesson Questions And Answers Question 2.
What is a lighthouse?
A lighthouse is a tall, strong building in the shape of a tower with powerful lights at the top.

6th Standard English Notes The Lighthouse Question 3.
How are lighthouses useful to sailors?
Lighthouses help the sailors to know where the land is and what place they are near. Sometimes they .are on the seashore and sometimes in the sea. They are in places that are dangerous to ships and they help to warn and guide the sailors.

The Lighthouse Question And Answer Question 4.
Where are the lighthouses built?
The lighthouses are built on the seashores.

The Lighthouse 6th Standard Lesson Question Answer Question 5.
What did the people use in the lighthouses before the invention of electricity?
Woodfires would be lit and a large number of candles were used with glass around to protect them from the blowing wind.

The Lighthouse 6th Standard Question And Answer Question 6.
How was the first lighthouse built?
In olden days, wood fires were lit in high places on the shore. Later a large number of candles were used with glass around them to keep out the wind.

6th Class English The Lighthouse Question Answer Question 7.
Find words, from the story, which mean the opposite of the following:

  1. dangerous × safe
  2. Short × tall
  3. far × near
  4. low × high
  5. old × modern
  6. stop × continue

C2. Sit in pairs. Answer each of the following questions in a sentence:

KSEEB Solutions For 6th Class English Question 1.
Rajiv was thrilled because his father was going to take him out on a visit to the lighthouse. What incidents in your life made you thrilled, Narrate them.
Once we visited the Marina beach in Chennai. The world’s second-longest beach. The road was wide and fine. Statues of great men all along the road and the best was the statue of labour. There were many colorful shops on the beach.

It was a beautiful experience to stand on the shore and being washed by the tides. The horse ride was there. The eateries were also there. That was a memorable evening.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 6th English Question 2.
Do you want to invent something new? What kind of new invention do you want to make?
I have the desire of inventing some machine which should easily locate any disease in the body just by mere touch.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 6 English Chapter 1 Question 3.
Lighthouses are not an invention made by any single person. In the same way, there are many other such inventions which were made with the collective effort of many persons. Make a list of them and discuss them in the class.
The wheel is an invention of many persons. First, they put the load in a wooden box and dragged them and they used the round logs of wood as wheels. Then the wheel was made of light iron rings. Metal wheels were used. Then light rubber tubes and tyers were used to make wheels.

Let’s Listen:

1. Close your eyes and listen to your teacher:

Rajiv and his father Madhav visited a lighthouse. Lighthouse was built on the seashore. When they went there, Rajiv heard the whistling of whales,- seagulls crying, the wind roaring, birds chirping, slashing waves and water gushing when a ship sailed, and many more sounds.
Now, do what your teacher says.
Relax your feet and the entire body.
Be as quiet as you can and listen to the sounds around you for two minutes.
Open your eyes. Tell your partner softly what you heard. Ask him/her, ‘What did you hear?’

6th Standard The Lighthouse Question And Answer Question 1.
What did you hear on the beach?

  1. The vendor’s cry selling eatables.
  2. Men from doll’s shop, bangles shop, and seashells calling the people.
  3. Balloon wall making sound rubbing the balloon.
  4. Playing children shouting.

6th Standard The Lighthouse Question Answers Question 2.
The following are a few sounds we hear almost every day. Divide them into loud and soft sounds:

  • clapping hands
  • a bee buzzing
  • stamping feet
  • a car moving
  • the wind blowing
  • rustling leaves
  • a feather dropping
  • a horn blowing
6th Class English 1st Lesson Questions And Answers KSEEB

Let’s Practise Words:

V1. What are the following?

  1. One who sails across a river or a sea S A I L O R
  2. One who catches fish for his living F I S H E R M A N
  3. A tall building in the sea which guides the sailors L I G H T H O U S E
  4. The area of land by the side of the sea S E A S H O R E
  5. A journey by sea V O Y A G E

V2. Look at the word grid given below. Names of some vehicles are hidden in the grid. Circle them and write down in your notebook. One is done for you.

  2. BUS
  5. BOAT
  7. CAR
  8. TRUCK
  9. TRAIN

V3. Read the following passage:

Asha and Gopal are going on a trip to a village. Their journey is not long. They both like to travel by train. They wish to go on a voyage when they grow up.

Now fill in the blanks with suitable words choosing from the ones underlined in the above passage.

  1. My brother is fond of space travel. His dream is to go on a voyage into space.
  2. My parents always travel by train.
  3. We went on a short trip to Dehra- Dun in the summer vacation.
  4. The journey from Bangalore to Mysore is quite comfortable.

V4. ” ………. The people on the land were, worried and yet helpless to guide them.” Here the underlined word has a suffix ‘less’ to mean without.

Now write more words with the suffix ‘less’. Look at the clues given.

  1. Don’t dry my redshirt in the sun. It’ll become colorless.
  2. There isn’t enough drinking water in our place. The situation is hopeless.
  3. This apple is not fresh. It has become useless.
  4. I emptied all the contents of the bag. Now it is weightless.
  5. I don’t know what to do next. I’m feeling helpless.
  6. Raju is a brave boy. He is fearless too.
    [clues: use, fear, colour, weight, help, hope]

V5. Complete the set:

  1. Happy, excited, thrilled (8 letters), enlighted (9 letters)
  2. picnic, trip, excursion (9 letters), tour(4 letters)
  3. wise, clever, intelligent (11 letters), bright (6 letters), smart(5 letters)
  4. adorable, pet, favourite (9 letters)

Let’s Speak and Write:

Look at the following pictures. Describe each of them.

After watching many animals they came to the elephant safari, Bunty’s father made his children to sit on an elephant. Children enjoyed sitting on the elephant’s back. The children were very excited and returned home with their parents.

Self Assessment:

Read the statements and tick the appropriate box.

SI.NoStatementsYesNoTo Some Extent
1.I was able to describe the picture.  
2.I was able to narrate my experiences on the topic orally.  
3.I expressed my ideas confidently.  
4.I was able to write a few lines on my experiences.  
5.I have given a title to my story.  
6.I want to write more in English.  

Let’s learn language:

G1. In the lesson, the lighthouse is described as-a tall, strong building in the shape of a tower ’ with powerful lights at the top. Now write the describing words for the following. One is done for you.

  1. man – tall
  2. girl – beautiful
  3. rose – red
  4. day – bright
  5. handwriting – neat

Write a few more phrases like these

  1. clever – Fox
  2. huge – Elephant
  3. warm – Season
  4. cute – Kitten
  5. long – Hand
  6. short – tail

G2. Rajiv exclaimed, “How clever of the humans!”

When Rajiv learned from his father about the invention of the lighthouse, he made the above statement to express his feeling of surprise.

Read the following situations and express your feelings.

  1. You see a beautiful rose. “Oh! How beautiful it is !”
  2. Your friend is wearing a pretty dress. “How pretty your are !”
  3. Your mother has prepared a tasty dish. “How tasty the dish is !”
  4. One of your classmates pushes the bench. “How naughty you are !”

One day Rajiv’s father Madhav took him out on a visit to the Lighthouse. They started at 5 pm and reached the shore at 6 pm. The Lighthouse was a tall, strong building in the shape of a tower with powerful lights.

Rajiv was curious to know about the uses of lighthouses. This father explained that lighthouses help sailors to know where the land is and what place they are near. The lighthouses also warn sailors and guide them away from places dangerous to ships.

When Rajiv wanted to know how lighthouses work his father told him that modern lighthouses used powerful electric lights. Then Rajiv wanted to know about the days when there was no electricity. His father explained that wood fires would be lit in high places on the shore and a later large number of candles were lit in glass enclosures.

Mr. Madhav added that in the days before lighthouses were built, sailors got lost in the sea and there was also the danger of ships wrecking against high rocks in the dark seas, being unable to see a safe place to land. The Lighthouses guided them to safety.

When Rajiv asked Mr. Madhav when we’re the first Lighthouses built he replied that he believed that some enterprising young men might have set fire to huge logs to guide the fishermen to return to the shore safely. The fishermen were guided by the dire light to the safety of the beach. They went back home after having an Icecream.

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