KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Poem Chapter 9 An August Midnight

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Karnataka State Board Class 6 English Poem Chapter 9 An August Midnight

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An August Midnight Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Did you enjoy the poem? Now discuss with your partner about the points raised in the two questions given below.

1. Say whether the following statements are true, or not true. Justify your answer.

Question a.
The poet was sitting alone in his room.
True. A longlegs, a moth and dumbledore, and a sleepy fly had come in “thus meet we five” writes the poet, so he was sitting alone in his room.

Question b.
The only place that was lit was his writing-table.
True. the insects all came near the lamp and banged at the lamp-glass that was fit and fell down burnt.

Question c.
Everything was still, nothing was moving.
Not true. The shade of the lamp was moving, the blind was waving, the clock was beating, the fly was rubbing its hands the insect’s parade on the writers writing and fell down burnt.

Question d.
There was a light gentle wind.
True. because the window curtain was moving.

Question e.
The silence in the room was total
True. The poet writes that “Thus meet we five in this still place”.

Question f.
Four guests entered the poet’s room.
True. The guests were a longlegs, a moth, a dumbledore and a fly.

2. Discuss these points with your partner.

Question a.
What funny movements did the insects make?
The sleepy fly rubbed its hands standing in the middle of the poet’s writing. As the insects banged at the hot lamp- glass they fell down moving round and round.

Question b.
The poet says the meeting was willed by god read the two lines in which he says this.
“God’s humblest they! I muse. Yet why? They know Earth secrets that know not I.”

Question c.
Two thoughts cross the poet’s mind. What are they?
The insects know well the earth’s secrets, The poet does not know those secrets. Still why the insects banged the lamp glass.

Question d.
Give two examples to prove that an animal or a bird, or an insect knows something that we, human beings, do not know.

  • The peacock knows the coming of the rain and dances with its spread wings.
  • The dog looks up at the sky and barks and informs about the coming of the rain.
  • The dragonflies fly in large numbers before rain.
  • The crow caws at our doors to tell us that some guest is coming.
  • The bees enter the house and buzz to herald the guests visit.
  • Forest animals foretell the earthquake and move to the other areas. Their cries warn us about some natural calamity.

3. Give one word for the meanings given below:

  • fill with light – bright
  • quietness or calm – silence
  • light gentle wind – breeze
  • without beginning or end-almighty
  • that which surrounds our earth in all directions – Air


Read this passage to your partner supplying the missing words.

It is the end of summer. The time is midnight. The poet is sitting alone. He is in a serious mood, then, suddenly, four guests arrive. The poet feels it is a very special moment. He builds this feeling in us too. How does he do that? Read the poem and find out.

An August Midnight Summary in English

The poet, Thomas Hardy was sitting at his writing-table and writing. It was an August midnight. Everything around was silent. The lampshade and the window curtain was moving slightly because of the gently blowing wind outside. The clock beat was heard clearly from a distant house. The table was lit.

Four insects came in near the lamp. A long legs, a moth, a dumbledore and a fly, as the poet was watching them, they all banged the hot lamp glass and fell down moving round and round and died. Humble creatures, though they were aware they would die, yet they hit the lamp glass.

The poet asks us why this happened? It is all God’s wish. May bethe know the earth- secrets that the poet is not aware of

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