KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Poem Chapter 6 The Way to Succeed

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Karnataka State Board Class 6 English Poem Chapter 6 The Way to Succeed

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The Way to Succeed Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Let’s understand:

I. Discuss in pairs and answer the following questions:

Question 1.
“Drive the nails aright boys…” What does the statement mean?
Hit the nails with all strength so that it will be firm enough to hold and climb up.

Question 2.
What will happen if one never tries?
If one never tries, one will never be able to achieve their goal.

Question 3.
When should we try and try again?
Once you fail to do the work, you should try again and again.

Question 4.
What should one do to reach the top?
To reach the top one should first climb the hill.

Question 5.
Why should we try again?
If we try again, we will succeed.

Question 6.
What suggestions does the poet give to succeed in life?
Though you loose balance often, you must not feel disgraced, instead if you try and try again you will succeed at last.

Question 7.
Say true or false:

  1. The poet says that we must wait for the opportunity before doing anything (False)
  2. According to the poet, failure is a stepping stone to success (True)

Question 9.
What do you want to achieve in life? What efforts will you make to achieve this?
I want to become a teacher and will study well, to reach the goal and serve society.

II. Match the Idioms with their meanings:

  1. Drive the nail aright: use the opportunity in the right way
  2. Strike while the iron is red: hoping for the best without putting efforts
  3. Standing at the foot, gazing at the sky: have clear aims and vision.

III. Match the column A with B

1. Drive the nail a righta) one must first climb the hill
2. Strike with all your mightb) never feel downcast
3. When you have work to doc) hit it on the head
4. To reach the topd) while the iron is red
5. Thought you stumble oft.e) do it with a will
 f) you will succeed at last


  1. d
  2. c
  3. e
  4. a
  5. f

IV. Which of the following saying/ proverbs are related to the theme of the poem? Tick them (✓) and say a few sentences about each of them Proverbs related to the poem.

  1. A rolling stone gathers no mass
  2. Where there is a will there is a way (✓)
  3. All that glitters is not gold
  4. Do or Die (✓)
  5. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop
  6. Face is the index of mind
  7. There is no short cut to hard work(✓)
  8. Awake, arise, stop not until you reach your goal. (✓)

Let s Appreciate:

  1. Read the poem and pick out the rhyming words. Write them in your notebook.
    • head – red
    • sky – try
    • will – hill
    • downcast – last
  2. Mime a line from the poem. Let other children guess which line is being mimed.
  3. Read the poem backward (start from the last line).
  4. Suggest some more titles to the poem.
    • “Aim to Succeed”
    • “How to make it to the top”
    • “Try and succeed”

Extended Activity:

Word Bingo
Write any six action words from the poem you have studied in the boxes below.
KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Poem Chapter 6 The Way to Succeed 2

The Way to Succeed Summary in English

In the poem the poet Norman Mcleod advices young children how to succeed in life. He asks the boys to drive the nail straight by hitting the nail right on its head. The poet means to say that at a very young age one should have a clear goal and aim to achieve it in the correct way. i.e., one should be determined to achieve his goal.

A piece of iron can be shaped into any shape when it red hot. Similarly, the poet advised that one should cultivate good habits and start going towards our goal without any hesitation. One should make a good beginning since a work that is well beginning is half-finished. One should never lose a good opportunity and use it to reach his goal.

The poet advises young children to do their work with a strong will. Those who want to reach the top of a hill, i.e to achieve anything), one should climb up the hill. If we do not try to climb up a hill and stand at the bottom and gaze at the sky we can’t reach the top.

We must first try to climb up the hill. Often we may fail to succeed but we should never lose our hope. We should try and try again. Failure is the stepping stone to success. So if we keep on trying we will succeed at the end.

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