KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Poem Chapter 4 All Things Bright and Beautiful

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Karnataka State Board Class 6 English Poem Chapter 4 All Things Bright and Beautiful

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All Things Bright and Beautiful Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Preparatory Activity:

Question 1.
Name some of the things that are bright and beautiful.
The Moon, The Sun, The twinkling stars.

Question 2.
The poet has used many adjectives in this poem, Make a list of the adjectives in the poem.
Bright, beautiful, great, small, wise, wonderful, little, glowing, tiny, rich, poor, high, lowly, purple headed, cold, pleasant, ripe, tall.

Question 3.
The title of the poem is “All things bright and beautiful. What do you think the poem is about? Guess.
The poem is about all God’s creations.

Let’s understand:

C1. Answer the following questions in words and phrases:

Question 1.
What things are bright and beautiful as shown in the poem?
All things created by God are bright and beautiful.

Question 2.
Who made them all?
The Lord God made them all.

Question 3.
What is the difference between the man who is his castle and the one who is at his gate?
The rich man in his castle is high in status. The man at his gate is low in status.

Question 4.
Why, according to the poet, did ‘Ho’ give us eyes and lips?
‘He’ gave us eyes to see them and lips to tell, how great God almighty, the creator, is.

Question 5.
Fill in the blanks:

  1. He made the glowing colors of flowers
  2. He made the tiny wings oi birds.
  3. He made them high or lowly
  4. That brightens up the sky.

Question 6.
Pick out all the rhyming words from the poem. Add one more word to each of them.

  1. Small – all – tall
  2. Sings – wings – king
  3. Gate – estate – state
  4. By – sky – tie
  5. Play – day – clay
  6. Tell – well – sell

Question 7.
The poem celebrates both nature and the omnipotence of the creator Can you suggest another title to the poem?
God is Great.

C2. Discuss the following questions in small groups and present your views to the class:

Question 1.
Are all the things really “bright and beautiful in this world”?
Yes, all the things are really bright and beautiful in this world.

Question 2.
Do you agree with the poet’s view that God has rightly made some human beings wealthy and others poor?
Yes, I agree with the poet.

Question 3.
Can we justify the inequalities that exist in society?
Man’s life on earth is predestined by God. God judges a man by his deeds and blesses him with the right life.

Question 4.
How do you think poverty can be eliminated?
Poverty can be eliminated by the hard work of a person. Man must have a goal and he arises and stop it not till the goal is achieved.

Let’s write

W1. Fill in the blanks:

This poem tells how great God is. He has given us eyes to see and ears to listen and lips to tell. God controls the rich and the poor. He has made everything and has made all things wonderful.

Let’s Appreciate:

Question 1.
Match the describing words in Column A with the words in Column B.

1. glowing
2. bright
3. small
4. tiny
5. rich
6. cold
7. pleasant
8. tall
a. wings
b. winds
c. trees
d. colors
e. creatures
f. things
g. man
h. summer


  1. d
  2. f
  3. e
  4. a
  5. g
  6. b
  7. h
  8. c

Question 2.
Read this poem aloud in the school assembly.
For Student

Question 3.
Draw a picture illustrating the theme of the poem.
For Student

Question 4.
Try to translate a few lines/ stanzas into your mother tongue.
For Student

Question 6.
Complete the following table
KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Poem Chapter 4 All Things Bright and Beautiful 2

Title of the poemAll things bright and beautiful
ThemeGod almighty is great
MessageGod is great
titleSpecial words used
Name of the poetCecil Frances Alexander
Do you like this poem? Why/Why not?Yes because God has actually created everything for our benefit

Let’s Practise words:

I. Look at the word flower. Complete the phrases using the adjectives in the word flower:

  1. As pretty as a flower
  2. As cold as ice
  3. As white as milk
  4. As slow as a snail
  5. As black as coal
  6. As stubborn as a mouse
  7. As blind as a bat
  8. As quiet rabbit
  9. As stubborn lion
  10. As clever fox
  11. As slow as a wolf
  12. As white as a lamb
  13. As pretty as a peacock

All Things Bright and Beautiful Summary in English

The given poem ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ is penned by the poet Cecil Frances Alexander. She was mn – writer and poet. She began wm. poems in her childhood.

In the poem, the poet attributes all things that are bright and beautiful as the creations of the Lord God. She says that all things bright arid beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful are God’s creations.

Each little flower that blooms was created by God and he has coloured them in glowing colours. Each little bird that sings and flies about on their tiny wings are made by God.3

The Lord God has also made a rich man who lives in a castle and the poor man who guards the castle gates. Their destiny is determined by God. He has made them, high or lowly according to his grace and defined their ‘estate’ i.e, the condition of life and the status of their life, whether high or low. Some people are destined to live a high life in the castle and some people are destined to guard the gates of that castle i.e a low life.

There are also many other things that God has created. The purple-headed mountains (mountain surrounded dark clouds, the rivers, and the sunrise and sunset. God has also created the cold winds that blow during the winter season and the pleasant summer sun. And by his grace, the fruits in the garden ripen and be ready to eat. He has created the tall trees in the green woods and the meadows where we play. He has created ‘rushes’ (small plants by the streams) for us to collect for our daily use.

Isn’t the God Almighty who has created all these things in a very thoughtful and useful way, Great? That is why he has given us eyes to see and wonder at his creations and lips to praise him and his gifts to us.

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