KSEEB SSLC Class 10 Geography Solutions Chapter 10 Indian Industries

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 10 Geography Solutions Chapter 10 Indian Industries

Class 10 Social Science Indian Industries Textual Questions and Answers

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable answers.

Question 1.
Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Ltd is located in ……………… state.
Karnataka (Toranagal, in Bellary district) .

Question 2.
Bauxite is the main raw-material for …………….. industry.

Question 3.
The Paper industry is a ……………. based industry.
Forest based.

Question 4.
The first modern paper mill was set up in 1932 at ……………..
Serampur in West Bengal.

II. Answer the following questions after discussing them in groups.

Question 1.
What is meant by manufacturing industries? Mention their factors of location.
Conversion of raw materials into usable products is known as ‘manufacturing industries’.
Eg: Conversion of sugarcane into sugar.
The most important factors affecting the localization of industries are:

  1. Supply of raw materials
  2. Supply of power
  3. Transport and communication facilities
  4. Market facilities
  5. Capital
  6. Labour and water supply
  7. Ideal climate and
  8. Government policies.

Question 2.
List out the major Industrial Regions in India?
In India there are 8 major industrial regions. They are :

  1. The Hooghly – Kolkata region,
  2.  The Mumbai – Pune region,
  3. The Ahmedabad – Vadodara region,
  4. The Madurai – Coimbatore region,
  5. The Delhi – Meerut region,
  6. Visakhapatnam _ Guntur region and
  7. The Kolkata – Thiruvanantha- puram region.

Question 3.
Give an account of Aluminium industry in India?
Aluminium is the most important non-ferrous metal. It has a wide range of uses. It is used in manufacturing aeroplanes, automobiles, railways, ships, household appliances, electrical cables and its foils are used as packing materials, for paint industry etc. It is a good substitute for steel and copper. The location of aluminium industry is mainly governed by –

  1. the availability of bauxite, which is the main raw material
  2. supply of hydro electric power
  3. wide market and capital.

Distribution: The aluminium industry is the second important metal based industry in India. It was started in 1942 at Jayakaynagar in West Bengal. Now there are nine major aluminium plants in the country. India has the eleventh place in the world for the production of aluminium products.

Question 4.
Describe the distribution of Cotton textile industry in India?
Cotton textile is the biggest and the most important branch of textile industry in India. It is the most important agro – based industry. Cotton cloth making was known to the Indians since a long time. But it was confined to handlooms. The first modern cotton textile industry was started in 1854 when a cotton mill was setup at Mumbai. After that the industry made rapid progress and more mills were established. Now India ranks second in the world in respect of cotton fabrics production, next to the china. Also India is the second largest exporter of cotton textiles. Cotton textile industry is widely distributed over more than 76 towns and cities of India.

Question 5.
Write the importance of Knowledge based industry in India?
The development of knowledge based industry has become a powerful tool of socio – economic change. India has the potential to become a leading knowledge based industry with its young population and growing information technology. So, at present it is very rapidly developing industry in the country.

Information Technology (IT) is a key knowledge based industry. Its main components are software and hardware. The software is supported by both state and central Government of India. To encouraging the industry many Software Technology Parks (STP) were established (1995) in different parts of the country. However the industry is mainly developed in southern states such as Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Karnataka has achieved a great name in software industry. Several Information Technology Institutions have been established and concentrated in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Noida.

Bengaluru is the most important centre for Indian software industry and it is called “Silicon Valley of India”. Mysuru, Mangaluru, Udupi and Hubballi are other centres for software in Karnataka. Side by side hardware industry has also developed.

III. Match the following.

1. Bengalurua. VISL
2. Mumbaib. Cottonopolis of India
3. Bhadravathic. Aluminium industry
4. Renukootd. Silicon Valley of India


IV. Activity:

Question 1.
On an outline map India, mark and label the iron and steel producing centres.
(Drawn in points to remember)

Class 10 Social Science Indian Industries Additional Questions and Answers

Question 1
…………. in Delhi (Meharuli) is best example for art of smelting iron ore.
Iron pillar.

Question 2.
Credit for modern iron and steel industry goes to …………………
J.N. Tata.

Question 3.
There are ………… Iron and steel plants private sector In India.

Question 4.
……………. is a good substitute for steel and copper.

Question 5.
Mumbai is known as …………. and ……………… of India.
Cottonpolis of India, Manchester.

Question 6.
………………. can be used for the manufacture of paper and as fuel.

Question 7.
…………….. is first in the production of sugar in the world.

Question 8.
Knowledge based industries require ……………..
intellectual capabilities.

Question 9.
The art of paper making was introduced in India during ………………….. century.

Question 10.
……………… is called silicon valley of India.

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.
Aluminium is produced from the ore of
a) Bauxite
b) Manganese
c) Copper
d) White silver
a) Bauxite.

Question 2.
The highest sugar producer in the world at present is
a) India
b) China
c) Brazil
d) Srilanka
c) Brazil.

Question 3.
The following city of Maharashtra is called ‘Manchester of India’ or ‘cottonopolis of India’
a) Ahmadabad
c) Mumbai
c) Mumbai.

Question 4.
is not a textile industry.
a) Silk
b) WooIen
d) Plastic.
c) Cotton
d) Plastic.

Two Marks Questions

Question 1.
“Iron and Steel Industry is the basic of all other industries” How?

  • It is the basis of all other industries.
  • Many industries like engineering, locomotives, machine tools, automobiles, agricultural equipments, etc, depend on iron and steel industry.
  • It is the most important metal based industry in India.

Question 2.
Write the importance of paper industry.

  • Paper is an indispensable and useful product,
  • It is used for many purposes such as writing, wrapping, packing, printing, etc.
  • Education and literacy level in a country are measured by the consumption of paper in that country.

Question 3.
“Knowledge-based industry very needs to Nation development” how?

  • The development of a knowledge-based industry has become a powerful tool of socio-economic change.
  • India has the potential to become a leading knowledge-based industry with its young population and growing information technology.
  • So, at present, it is a very rapidly developing industry in the country.

Three Marks Questions

Question 1.
Which factors of location of Iron and Steel Industry?
The factors of location of Iron and Steel industry are

  • Supply of basic raw material of iron ore.
  • Coking coal as a main source of power and hydel power.
  • Railway transport and poll facilities.
  • Plenty of water supply.
  • Cheap labour.
  • Capital and local market.

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